Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be an exciting but overwhelming experience. That's why hiring me as your listing agent can bring you peace of mind.

My Services to Sellers


  • Helping you understand current market conditions
  • Giving advice for staging and strategic upgrades
  • Finding an unbiased, competitive price for your home
  • Getting max dollar without overpricing and deterring buyers
  • Giving buyers peace of mind knowing a listing agent has priced the home


  • Taking professional photos and drafting the listing
  • Posting lawn and directional signage
  • Doing extensive promotion including MLS listing
  • Leveraging RE/MAX brand
  • Networking with buyers and agents via word of mouth


  • Tapping into my own network of potential buyers which can
  • shorten time on the market
  • Liaising with buyers and buyers' agents
  • Setting up viewings and open houses when necessary
  • Installing a lockbox for easy, secure access to the property


  • Providing level headed advice
  • Helping you vet offers and recognize serious buyers
  • Knowing what terms are reasonable to accept
  • Knowing when to say no
  • Providing a buffer between you and the buyer

Legal Documentation

  • Ensuring all disclosures are filed up front
  • Reviewing offers with you and drafting counter offers
  • Reviewing the purchase agreement to ensure it is fair, complete, and according to agreed upon conditions
  • Recommending a lawyer if you don't have one
To get started, just give me a call at 250-305-8725 or send me a quick email!

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